Callback Study – We Need Your Help!

Dear EU Professional Members

During the last two annual meetings, Dr. Clem  Ehoff, Professor of Accounting at Central Washington University, was given the opportunity to present his research concerning how elevator preventive maintenance was measured from the elevator company’s and the customer’s viewpoint.  Dr. Ehoff has contacted Elevator U about conducting a callback study with our members to gain more useful information on this subject. Below, he outlines his objectives and, with the participation of EU Professional Members, we feel this study can provide valuable information that can be used to address these issues in the future.

From Dr. Ehoff:

Callbacks and response time are the two indicators that seem to influence preventive maintenance satisfaction. I am curious to find out how the age of equipment affects callbacks. I am also interested in gathering data to gain insight on the following questions:

  1. What is the mean time between callbacks (MTBC) for a given period, preferably a one-year period and what is the average age of the equipment?
  2. Is MTBC from a self-service provider better or worse than preventive maintenance furnished by an elevator company?
  3. Does the age of equipment affect MTBC, and if so, by how much?
  4. What is the average callback response time?

If the Elevator U members would elevator supply copies of callback logs, I will be happy to perform an analysis that hopefully will shed insight to the above questions and lead to the development of a standard that can be used to evaluate elevator preventive maintenance.

Thank you for your support in this matter. I look forward to beginning this project. 

Download Documents Here

Elevator U Call back Study.xlsx

Elevator U Call back Study – Sample UVA.xlsx

Please consider participating in this study for the benefit of the industry and your university.  We are requesting data from Oct. 31, 2016 through Oct. 31, 2017.  You can use the below callback log, or send us your own logs that are already completed.  Also attached is an example for your review.  Feel free to email our president, Eddie Morris (University of Virginia) with your questions at any time.

Elevator U – Board of Directors